Pow Wood

The Pow Wood site is our first development of 4 family homes to be offered for sale at 40% shared ownership.  The pair of semi-detached homes each have three bedrooms, a garden and two designated parking spaces

Building started in November 2020 and after delays caused by Covid 19 and ongoing challenges to obtain building materials completion is now expected by May 2022

We are now inviting applications to purchase these properties. Applications should be submitted to the Secretary by Monday November 15.2021

For information about the estimated purchase prices, rent and service charge please email SecretaryADCLT@btinternet.com

*** Please note that we have closed for applications ***

Our Allocations Policy sets out the criteria that applicants are assessed against when we evaluate applications for our properties

If you prefer to complete your application electronically, please email SecretaryADCLT@btinternet.com, to request a Word version

Architects Drawings

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